Editor's Note

Nausivios Chora is a scientific Journal published since 2006 by the Hellenic Naval Academy, the Institution that provides academic and professional training to the future officers of the Hellenic Navy. The faculty members of the Hellenic Naval Academy are devoted to the promotion of research and education on a broad range of scientific disciplines.

The title of the Journal - based on a Homeric verse loosely translated as “Country Living on Ships” - wishes to emphasize the vital role of sea and naval activities to the evolvement through ages of the Hellenic nation.

“Nausivios Chora” is a biannual Journal which publishes open access peer-reviewed original articles and monographs in areas of scientific research and applications directly or indirectly related to the naval sciences and technology. The scope of the Journal is to provide a basis for the communication and dissemination of scientific results obtained in Hellenic or International academic and research institutions that present a relevance to the sea element. "Nausivios Chora" hosts articles and, in exceptional cases, monographs focusing to the scientific disciplines:

  • Mechanical and Marine Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  • Humanities and Political Sciences
  • Marine Sciences and Naval Operations (See List of Topics)

The International Advisory Committee members and the Body of Reviewers, all acknowledged experts in their field of interests, cover a wide range of scientific disciplines ensuring the integrity of the peer-review process and the academic excellence of the published articles in a way that best represents the aims and scope of the Journal.